Creating An Online Portfolio To Attract More Business Leads

It’s free & it’s simple. If you want to start landing more web design and graphic design jobs, then you have to start flooding all the online portfolio sites with samples of your work. Online portfolio sites have come a long way. Most started out as simple solutions for web & graphic designers to set-up free online portfolios but many of these sites have now evolved into complete job boards. Web developers, marketing agencies, small business consultants, etc. now search for freelancers and skilled designers to hire through these sites. If you don’t set-up a portfolio and showcase your skills across these portfolio sites you are losing out! Set-up an account, showcase your portfolio and you will start landing leads you would never otherwise had.

I call this the Portfolio Flood method. The more portfolios you set-up, the more chances you have to be found. It’s a numbers game so set-up as many as you can and let the sites work for you. You can’t be found if you’re not listed. Make sure to showcase your best work and before you know it you will start to see leads coming from these sites.

Remember you don’t have to be active across all the websites where you have set-up a portfolio. You just need to flood your portfolio in as many places as you can online. Potential customers will stumble upon your showcased work and contact you if they like what they see. Focus your energy on the larger portfolio sites and keep an active profile on those. Just don’t ignore the small ones completely because flooding the internet showcasing your work is what this is all about.

Here are a handful of popular portfolio sites you can get listed on right away

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