Design A Free Website Mock-Up And Make More Money!

There is no shortage of ugly websites that were put together by someone who should not be designing websites. More often than not the business owner has no idea their website is terrible, hurting their reputation and definitely not generating any leads. A website should be generating leads and helping build their company brand image – not hurting their business.  The poor business owner doesn’t realize this is why his online marketing efforts are not achieving the results he had hoped for.

This is where you come in to save the day and gain a new long term client. It might sound like tedious work at first but if you take the time to mock up a nice new design and show it to the business owner, there is a good chance you will convince them to update their website using your web design services.

Getting Started...

When you start your search for ugly websites and come across an ugly website make sure to take note and list all the things that could be improved - but -  make sure you also include how those improvements will generate more sales and leads for the business owner. Just having a pretty site mock up is not going to sell the business owner into purchasing your new fancy mock-up. they want to know how it will increase business and make them more money.

Once you have designed a new mock-up, email the business owner and introduce yourself. Let them know that you were searching online and came across their website and thought they could use a helping hand. Show the business owner you did some research and show them their competitor’s websites compared to his/hers website. Remind the business owner that potential customers are researching online first before choosing a company to work with. If their competitors portray a more professional brand image through there website, they will lose those potential customers and leads to their competitors.

Next, let them know that at no cost to them you have not only researched their competitors but you also designed a new version of their website that will blow the competition away. Give them a link to where they can see it live online and ready to go. List how you improved the website and how those improvements will lead to more sales and crush their competitors.

Wrap it all up by letting them know that since the new design is ready to go you can have the changes implemented quickly for them so they can start making the most of their online marketing efforts.

This strategy helped me when I was just starting out in web design. When you don’t have any customers you have to get out there and find them. Put in the extra work at first and before you know it each customer you land will also generate word of mouth. Eventually you won’t have to go searching for customers. The bonus of this strategy is that you will also be building your portfolio which will aid you in landing more business – people want to see your skills and previous work. With this strategy none of your efforts goes to waste. Why design a portfolio with no use? Instead get out there and build your portfolio while you are generating business.

I can see how an established design firm might turn this marketing idea down thinking it’s  waste of time but if you’re reading this article you obviously need more clients – and to that I say – get out there and find them. Work hard and do what others are not willing to do and you will find success.

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