Designing Free Mock Ups For Businesses Who Don't Have A Website

We already covered how designing new website mock-ups, and presenting them to business owners who already have ugly underperforming designed websites, can be a powerful marketing strategy to score new business. Another powerful strategy, using the same free mock up marketing concept, is to seek out businesses who don’t already have a website. With this strategy you would present the business owner who doesn’t have a website with something simple and affordable to get their foot in the door and make a presence online.

The key here is to present them with a template mock up that looks amazing and is extremely affordable. The solution for this, and to keep this profitable for you, is to design and present a simple one page lead generating website. Lead generating websites, as we all know, are very powerful at generating leads for small businesses. So for the business owner on a tight budget who still doesn’t have a presence online this is the perfect solution for them and a great opportunity for you to score even more business.

Large Or Small This Strategy Works For All!

This strategy is a little more labor intensive but if you’re a larger web design or Development Company, with a team of full timers, there will always be some downtime. What better way to make use of that paid employee time then to make this strategy a part of your marketing efforts for when things are slow?

For the small web Design Company that is just getting off the ground this is a real guerilla marketing tactic that most of your competitors are ignoring or just never thought of. Don’t knock it until you try it because implementing this marketing strategy will lead to much larger future rewards for you and your company…

 1.) You will be creating a great looking portfolio to showcase when talking with potential future customers. A larger portfolio showcasing your design work will increase your closing/conversion rates.

2.) Any business owner that turns you down can be turned into a prospect in the future. Offer them a discount for when they are ready to have a website designed. Give something away and get them on your email list. There are numerous ways to turn that “no thanks” into a future sale.

3.) When you do land a sale you have the opportunity to upsell and increase your ROI through other services you offer such as hosting, logo design, social media graphics, seo, etc.

4.) Every new client will want to show off their new website to friends, family and business associates. All this leads to free word of mouth referrals and landing you even more sales.

Finding Clients

Finding clients is quite simple. Start by searching local business listings & local classified ads. There really is no shortage. Just looking through the local classifieds under “Painters for hire” turns up hundreds of painters and painting companies who are in need of a website. Imagine how many other prospective clients you can reach when searching all the other business listing categories. Don’t forget – you are web based so you can literally find thousands of potential clients when you break your search down by townships, cities and states and then by categories.

The Presentation

When you contact a potential web design client you don’t want to sound overly “salesy” Instead be fun, be personable and sound like a real person. If you found the business listing on a classified website let them know how you came across their business, and at no cost to them, you designed a website for their business to help them generate even more leads from their classified marketing efforts. Show them the website mock-up with their business name, logo etc.  And provide a link to a live preview.  This is of huge importance. When they see their website online with a live preview it pretty much seals the deal. Let them know you can have them online in as little as 48 hours.

Of course this is just my advice to you and you should test different strategies to see what converts best for you. I often found that talking about the cost is best left when you get them on the phone. It is a lot harder for someone to say NO once you have them on the phone discussing the price. You want to get your prospect on the phone and sell them there.

The Money Is In The Funnel

Make the one page lead site affordable but still profitable for you. Don’t focus on the lead site as “the money” The lead site you are offering is actually your way at creating leads for upgrades and sales of your other services. Once someone becomes a client, it is much easier to sell them on upgrades like logo design, adding additional pages to their website, seo services, social media set-up, social media graphic designs, etc. There really is no end to the amount of upsells you can offer. Just take your time and slowly and “funnel” your new clients into purchasing larger packages, offers and other services.