Free Templates Lead To Making More Money!

In case you haven’t already noticed I’m a huge fan of “flooding” the internet. The “Flood” approach is really simple: make sure you can be found everywhere a potential customer could stumble upon your services. You never know which marketing method is going to be your winner so flood the internet and then spend more time focusing on the methods performing better for you. How will you ever know which marketing tactic works best if you don’t test them all? For all you know that one marketing tactic you thought would be a waste of time could end up being your best lead generator land landing you more sales.

For example, many freelance designers and design firms will ignore creating free web templates to give away. They think it’s a waste of time and freebie seekers rarely ever convert into sales. Not true! Giving away free templates will not only land you requests for custom designs but many of the people downloading your templates will request additional changes and edits.  They will also get to see that you offer more than just design services which will lead to additional sales of services you offer.

The big bonus: free templates are commonly given away with one condition – and that is a link must remain in place pointing back to the original designers website. How’s that for extra link juice and extending your reach for generating even more leads. Just one popular template downloaded thousands of times could result in a great new lead generation tool for you. You can often times slip in an additional file advertising your services with the downloaded template like a flyer advertising your design services. Every download would include this flyer within the downloaded file – Free Advertising For You.

Where To Make Your Templates Available For Free Downloads

Free Template Sites

Free template sites allow you to upload and give away templates to their monthly visitors. You are also provided with a profile that will link to your website and provide more information about you, your company and other services you offer. Fill your profile “About Me” section with information about the other services you offer and don’t forget to mention you are available to edit or design custom templates.

Forums & Web Developer Communities

There is no shortage of forums and developer communities just waiting for you and your templates. In fact forums are probably the #1 best place to give away free templates. The best forums that produce the best results are forums and communities centered around content management systems (CMS). These forums are filled with people who are always looking for help with design and development projects using that specific CMS. Become an active member and provide a few freebies and you will start to form partnerships that will land you recurring design projects and even development work.

Your Portfolio Grows!

Another great thing about designing free web templates is that they can be used to create a monster portfolio. Every template you design should be displayed in your portfolio for all potential customers to see your variety of design skills. Did you know that your portfolio can be a huge lead generator for you and drive even more traffic to your website? It’s true! I’ll discuss this more in detail in a later article.