Get More Web Development and Website Design Leads By Designing Charity Sites

Is there a local charity that’s in need of a website? Designing websites for charitable organizations is a great way to get your business in front of potentially thousands of new clients.

Charities regularly hold fundraising events and usually seek out donations from other local businesses. Not all of these businesses have a website so what better way to get your services noticed then by designing a free websites for one or more charitable organizations.

When you design a website for a charity you’re not only helping the charity but you are also helping yourself. It’s a win/win partnership for both you and the charity. Your website donation will help the charity reach more people and potentially raise more money for their cause. You on the other hand will build a great reputation within your local community and generate more word of mouth referrals for your services.

The Ugly Website Opportunity

Many charities already have a website however if you take the time to look you will quickly realize that many of these free donated websites are awful and usually designed by someone with some very basic level design skills. It’s not uncommon to find a charity using a free website builder to create their site. In these cases you have a great opportunity to offer your services to design a much needed updated professional website for them. Show them what you can do and they will be more than happy to have you help. In almost every case, once the website is designed, they will send out a notice to all of their members and those that donated showcasing their new website and thanking you for your services. Again, hundreds and potentially thousands more people and businesses will find you through a direct referral.

Go One Step Further

Make sure to design a site that is great. Remember there could potentially be thousands of people and small businesses throughout the year that will view the website your company designed. Not only is your reputation on the line but your website is acting as a sales rep for you. So go that extra step to design something great for that charity. But going that extra step doesn’t just stop with creating an amazing website. Take it even one step further and have a press release written and distributed about the charities new website and your website donation. With every new website you design for a charity comes the opportunity to have a press release written and distributed reaching even more potential customers who come across the release.

You Can Promote Your Business

Don’t forget to add a little advertisement for your business because it’s allowed. By adding a little advertisement in the footer area such as:  “This Website Donated By: Your Company Name” will help increase the amount of leads you receive for every free website you design.  The charity won’t mind because it’s a simple non-intrusive way to advertise your service on their website.

It’s All for a Good Cause

Charity work is good work. It helps both you and the charity. The more you give the more you will receive so get out there and start giving a little more.

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