Selling Web Design Services Using Online Classified Sites

Local classifieds are often ignored because people looking to have websites designed through classified listings are often working within a small budget or looking for a deal. Just because the leads through local classified sites have smaller budgets to work with doesn’t mean you can’t profit from selling to this group and making it worth your time.

The key is to develop a plan with a funnel system that will lead your customer to purchasing more of your other services. With WordPress, and the thousands of available themes and plugins available for it, you can slap together a great looking site in virtually ¼ of the time.  This allows you to offer packages within the $300-$500 price point that most of these clients can afford.  The market for affordable websites is huge so don’t ignore this group. Most businesses today are small start-ups on a budget. With all the available tools online today any smart designer/developer can leverage those available tools, platforms, systems etc. to create a plan that’s more than profitable within a $300-$500 budget.

It’s important when creating these budget packages that you clearly list what’s included. For example at $300 you are not going to offer unlimited revisions or more than 2 concepts to choose from. You will probably also limit the amount of features and pages. If they want an image gallery that will be an additional $75 (for you it’s a 5 minute install of a WordPress plugin) Whatever you decide you have to make the package attractive enough at $300 so they are happy to purchase the website but at the same time you will have to limit what you include. For a personal trainer who simply needs a home page, contact page and services offered page you can easily charge $300 (using WordPress) The client will be more than happy and you will still be profitable.  Using WordPress, the available themes, plugins, etc.  you should be able to pump out 2-3 projects a day assuming you had that many projects to work on. $300 x 3 = $900 day. Not a bad days pay.

Now I can already hear you mumbling about the time involved needing to support these clients. Am I right? You have to take into consideration all that time when you price your services. That’s easily solved when you create support videos for these clients. The videos will cover all the basics and most common support requests. Once these videos have been created you will never have to waste additional time with the small budget clients support requests. You simply point them to the support videos. But what about clients who need more help than those videos can provide? This is where we start to talk about the upsell and funnel system to turn that cheap client into a more profitable client.

The Profitable Funnel

Making more money from these budget conscious clients isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Once you have gained there trust it’s amazing at how fast their budgets can grow to purchase additional services. In the case of needing additional support, you simply offer them support packages that can be purchased by bank time (per hour) or as a monthly fee. You can also charge a la carte with a custom quote for the specific support request.

Other upsells can include

Upselling these services is simple when you educate your client. Show them case studies if you can and don’t forget to educate. For example: most clients are not aware that they can lose their website overnight for various reasons. Explain to them the how it happens and the importance of having a back-up in place – and then upsell that service. The best way to educate your client and upsell additional services is by creating a newsletter. Each newsletter you send out will be very informative and focused on educating your client. The content for those articles will all be written around the services you offer and through educating your client you will start to sell more upsells.

Don’t look at these cheap or budget conscious clients as a waste of time. With the right plan in place that budget conscious client could very well be worth thousands in the course of a year. It’s all about how well you put together your plan and funnel system. You might not make a ton of money on the first sale but over time that clients value will be worth a ton more than that one time sale.

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